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Training & Education

Training & Education

My TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer Certification Course

25 October 2004 Hurgada Red Sea Egypt

From the website of TDI MIDDLE EAST according the Instructor Trainer Course:
After five years in business TDI Middle East hosted its first Instructor Trainer Course. Dave Crockford from TDI UK and a member of TDI HQ Training Department ran the program alongside Karim Helal, Ahmed Kamal and Jayne L. Mayer.

Training & Education

Technical Diving
& Exploration Seminar  

30 November  2019

Lecturers: George Petrou (Adv. Trimix Instr. Trainer) Vasillis Petroulias (Adv. Trimix Diver)
Another seminar organized by HUE and George Petrou (Adv. Trimix Instructor Trainer) was successfully completed. There was a large participation of the diving audience who attended the presentation very carefully. Many trainers, diving owners and the president and Secretary of the Hellenic Federation Mr. Rakantas and Galinas attended the event.I thank the TYTHIS club and the president of Mr. Efthimiou for the honor they gave me.

Training & Education

George Petrou gets Award from Panhellenic Association of Greek Navy Seals

22 June 2012

On June 22, 2012 George Petrou / Hellas Underwater Explorers was awarded by Costas Lazanas, President of the PanHellenic Association of Seals, for his pioneering and multi-year contribution to the development of technical diving in Greece.

Training & Education

1st Congress of Technical Diving in Greece  

May 2001 Athens

The 1st Technical Diving Congress marked the beginning of a new Diving Age in Greece. From that day and after technical diving had an impressive development.
Hellas Underwater Explorers / George Petrou in collaboration with the Department of Oceanography, University of Athens, organized this conference inviting a number of distinguished scientists, instructors and equipment manufactures from Greece and abroad to present the latest diving developments and views on Technical Diving.

Training & Education

2nd Congress of Technical Diving in Greece

Organized byHellas Underwater Explorers / George Petrou 4 MAY 2003

The 2nd Technical Diving Conference was organized by Hellas Underwater Explorers / George Petrou and the Oceanography department of the University of Athens.
As a follow-up to the 1st Congress, and the great impact it has had, the 2nd Congress hosts the leading dive scientists from both Greece and abroad.

Training & Education

Technical & Recreational Diving Associations

George Petrou and his diving school, Hellas Underwater Explorers, have a long history in diving.

From the beginning of his first certification in 1982 to the beginning of his professional activity as a diving school in 1995, George Petrou has participated and trained as a student in many different educational organizations. The reason was to get a lot of different knowledge, attitudes and experiences.
Below are some of the most important diving associations we collaborated with.

Training & Education

TDI Greece / Hellas Underwater Explorers

Αντιπρόσωποι TDI SDI ERDI για Ελλάδα και Κύπρο

Ανάληψη της αντιπροσώπευσης του οργανισμού TDI στην Ελλάδα από τους Hellas Underwater Explorers / Γιώργος Πέτρου
Αρθρογράφος: Γιώργος Πέτρου
Μια από τις σημαντικότερες εξελίξεις στην τεχνική κατάδυση στην χώρα μας ήταν η ανάληψη της αντιπροσώπευσης του μεγαλύτερου οργανισμού Τεχνικής κατάδυσης παγκοσμίως από τους Hellas Underwater Explorers / Γιώργος Πέτρου το 2000.

Training & Education

Historical Overview of Mixed Gases in Diving

Exploring & Evolution!

1878 Barometric Pressure discussing oxygen toxicity, hypoxia and decompression sickness published by Dr. Paul Bert.1879 First closed-circuit oxygen Rebreather (Fleuss mask/siebe Gorman).1908 Development of the first staged decompression techniques/tables (Haldane).

Training & Education

My 1st, 2nd, 3rd EOUDA/CMAS Instructor courses - George Petrou

Agios Kosmas, Athens Greece

From the good old days to the Hellenic Federation of EUDAATK.
EUDA's schools were unique. With a culture of old times (seals), origins from the frog training season, Kartelias Nikos and Papagrigorakis Grigoris things were hard.
The federation has provided us with quality schools that have been certified by excellent instructors with in-depth knowledge and skills.

Training & Education

My PADI Open Water instructor Course.

6 July 1995

Undoubtedly the most successful diving Association in the world is PADI. Both in terms of organization and commerce.
I participated in the PADI Instructor Course on July 6, 1995 with Coach Louis Sklavos.
In my diving career, I have certified many scuba divers and Dive masters reaching the level of Master Scuba Diver Trainer at PADI.

Training & Education

My Megalodon  Innerspace  Rebreather training course

20 Μαρτίου 2008

After a long way with open circuit in technical diving and exploration, I decided to enjoy the advantages offered by the Rebreathers.
My choice is Megalodon - Innerspace which is widely used and with excellent safety and performance levels.

Training & Education

TDI Advanced Wreck Penetration Instructor Course

February 1999

A Historical Course for the establishment and evolution of Technical Diving in Greece.
HUE (Hellas Underwater Explorers - George Petrou) brought TDI Asia President Mike Lim to Cyprus (due to legality problems in Greece) and this Basic & Advanced Wreck Penetration Instructor course 1st School was held with the participation of outstanding colleagues with significant background in the field.

Training & Education

Seminar on Scientific and Athletic Speleology

April - May 2003  By Hellas Underwater Explorers.

HUE have greatly enhanced cave diving and exploration either on land (cenote – lakes) or sea caves.
But we felt that the primary and indispensable element of every member of our Cave diving is to have a basic knowledge of Speleology.

Training & Education

1st TDI Cave Diving Course (Diver & Instructor) in Greece TDI

(From Intro to Full Cave) KEFALONIA MAY 2003

The 1st Cave diving course (from Intro to Full) in Greece of TDI (Technical Diving International) is a fact.
Organized in Kefalonia by Hellas Underwater Explorers / George Petrou (representatives of TDI / SDI / ERDI for Greece and Cyprus) was successfully completed.  

Training & Education

TDI Advanced Wreck Penetration course

by Hellas Underwater Explorers

Another HUE TDI Advanced Wreck Penetration course was held in Platurada or Akio on the Kassandra motorboat that sank on March 2, 1973.
Apart from accomplishing many training skills the participants did a lot of mathematical calculations related to issues such as mapping the wreck, consumption, general information about and its premises, solving simple problems, all these in 30 meters depth.

Training & Education

1st Annual meeting of Greek TDI SDI Instructors

HUE - Regional Office of TDI SDI for Greece & Cyprus February 2004

HUE (Hellas Underwater Explorers) has taken over the representation of TDI -SDI Scuba Recreational & Technical Diving Associations for Greece and Cyprus in 2000.
Since then TDI & SDI have dynamically  expand with a lot of promotion and has being a big number of certification of scuba divers and Instructors. Development has been rapid and Diving Centers have been set up around the country.

Training & Education

TDI – SDI presentation in Patra, Greece

By Hellas Underwater Explorers

The development of diving in Greece was also based on the development of foreign diving Associations.
Hellas Underwater Explorers have for many years represented two well-known American organizations, TDI (Technical Diving International) and SDI (Scuba Diving International).
TDI was a heavy name with a long history in Technical Diving.

Training & Education

1st  Basic & Advanced Mix Gas Blending course NS Research

Gas Blending Hellas Underwater Explorers

Οι Hellas Underwater Εxplorers - George Petrou κάλεσαν στην χώρα μας την  εταιρεία NS Research του Κο Νικόλαου Ράπτη (εισηγητής σχολείου)  να αναλάβει την διοργάνωση και πραγματοποίηση του 1ου σχολείου Μίξης μικτών αερίων.

Training & Education

ADVANCED TRIMIX  Diver Course Hydra Island Greece 2006

Hellas Underwater Explorers / George Petrou organized and conducted an Advanced Trimix Diver TDI course during the summer of 2006.

The Advanced Trimix Diver course is clearly the highest level in the training of mix gas diving.
This school was held in Hydra at the request of a trainee (Recreational diving instructor) who had a diving center there.
We had a comfortable boat and perfect crystal-clear waters. Depth immediately close to shore. Ideal conditions. Maximum depth of school is 100 meters.

Training & Education

HUE Advanced Trimix Diver Course for Commercial divers

June 2007

Hellas Underwater Explorers / George Petrou organized and conducted an Advanced Trimix Diver course in June 2007 with TDI certification.
Instructor Trainer George Petrou instructs the course with assistant trainer Vassilis Mavros.
The trainees were professional divers who proved capable, disciplined and extremely cooperative.

Training & Education

90 meter dive - Trimix course

by HELLAS UNDERWATER EXPLORERS / George PetrouAugust 2002

Hellas Underwater Explorers organized a mixed gas – Trimix course in mid-August with a total of 12 people (2 trainees and 10 scuba divers on and surface decompression support).
The course was conducted according TDI standards and procedures with a maximum depth of -90m.Instructor of the course was I. Trainer George Petrou and candidates Stavros Octapodas and George Vandoros.

Training & Education

HUE Advanced Trimix Diver Course for members

of Hellas Underwater Explorers team July 2007  

Hellas Underwater Explorers organized & conducted an Advanced Trimix Diver course in July 2007 with TDI certification.
Instructor trainer George Petrou was the instructor.

Training & Education

HUE Technical Diving Courses


In the life of an Instructor, the most important thing is the diving courses he runs.
In particular, technical diving schools have a great deal of responsibility and degree of difficulty as learners will dive into a particularly demanding environment tomorrow.

Training & Education

4th Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium May 17-18, 1997

Organized by: Athens Naval Hospital Amphitheater of the Athens War Museum

On the 4th of May, 1997, at the Amphitheater of the Athens War Museum, the 4th Maritime Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium was organized by the Athens Naval Hospital.
This symposium is held every two years.
The speakers were important scientists who presented the latest developments, statistics, research and opinions. I was lucky enough to attend and cover it for the Greek Diver magazine.

Training & Education


Hellas Underwater Explorers Presentation at the NATEX Diving Equipment, Tourism and Training Exhibition

One of the most important opportunities that technology has provided us is diving software.
A real breakthrough as you could sit at home and plan the most perfect and detailed dives. List all the components that make up a dive and the aggravating factors.You watched the dive progression, the decompression plan, the alternate plans, the required quantities of gas, the physiological elements, etc. all these before diving.

Training & Education


Part 2 - Hellas Underwater Explorers

With the development of Technical Diving, dive computers have evolved into highly capable instruments.

εκπαιδευση & σεμιναρια

Presentation of technical Diving and mix gas diving in Larisa, Greece

Λάρισα17 Απριλίου 2007

On April 17, 2007, Hellas Underwater Explorers (HUE) is making another stop on their tour of Greek cities to spread Technical Diving.
This time it's Larissa.
HUE held a training seminar entitled "Introduction to Technical Diving and Mixed Gases".

Training & Education

Divex Service Technician Course

Σεπτέμβριος 2007

George Petrou (service technician Instructor Trainer) as a representative of the Swedish Divex regulator manufacturing company and a certified Divex Service Technician Trainer organized Divex Service Technician course for Greek and Cypriot instructors and scuba divers.
Damianos Veropoulos, John Parry, Babis Delagrammatikas, George Vandoros, George Banosopoulos, Vassilis Mavros, Triantopoulos, Vasilis Vlachopoulos, Nikos Nikolaou (Cyprus) These schools referred to the Divex 950 & 960 regulators.

Training & Education

HUE Mix Gas Bleding station Course for FSS (Florian Security Systems)

Αύγουστος 2007

Hellas Underwater Explorers / George Petrou organized and conducted a Basic and Advanced Gas Blending Course at FSS with TDI certification.
Instructor Trainer George Petrou is the school's instructor. Costas Tsiorvas was the training assistant.
Participants were the owner Mr. Kefalas and company executives.

Training & Education

1st NAUI Open Water diver course of George Petrou

Mykonos Greece Summer of 1982

Visiting Mykonos Island in Greece, summer of 1982, for a holiday I see some divers in Psarou Beach. In my mind came thousands of colorful, fascinating images from Cousteau documentaries. I gave up my holiday plans and embark on a journey that continues to this day with endless passion. I got my theory lessons, and after a number of dives, completed my NAUI open water diver course. After a while I got my certification.

Training & Education

2nd Star CMAS/EOUDA George Petrou


After completing a lot of dives since the 1st Star and with the magic of the underwater world captivating me to the fullest, I decide that I need to move on to the next level. I go down to Vouliagmeni bay, where my instinct turns to one of the instructors who were teaching at that time. I'm starting my second (Recreational) star with Instructor Mr. Stavros Bacandreas.The 2nd Star introduces me to the true nature of diving, training and education, leaving behind the “tourist diving training”.A lot of theory but mostly very

Training & Education

Certification of Pantelis Fitilis as Decompression Diver TDI

2015 june 27

Reference to any of my students either at scuba diver or instructor level cannot be made as I have certified a very large number.I am proud and happy about the quality of these.The Decompression course is a very crucial and demanding course as it takes a long time in theory and a high level of competence development to complete it. My friend Pantelis and I did it together, late in a hurry, and on June 27, 2015 we finished it.


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