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george petrou

Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer TDI, 3*** CMAS Instructor, Explorer
Founder and Leader of Exploration
Hellas Underwater Explorers (HUE)
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The Hellas Underwater Explorers (H.U.E.) Diving  School and Exploration team was created in 1995 by Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer George Petrou.
For many years the HUE team has been pioneers in training, educational and exploration activities in Greece, with George Petrou initially creating a fanatic circle of "Technical Diving Maniacs".


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What We do

The Projects - Explorations, Training - Seminars, Activities - Excursions, Articles that officially took place from 1995 are too many. In this website you  can see some indicative of our work.

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Hellas Underwater Explorers (H.U.E.)


On 13 November 1916 the ship sailed empty from Thessaloniki, Greece destined for Toulon, France for loading more troops and war materials. Captained by Cdr François Rolland and the chief engineer Auguste Richard. The next day, 14 November 1916, at 10:45 in the morning, while the ship was about 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) southwest off Kea, Greece, a midship explosion blasted on the starboard side which flooded the engine area. While the ship had taken a 4 degrees list and the captain hoped that she will sink within 20 minutes, later on the situation changed as the water penetrated into the second boiler room ahead of the engines. The list of SS Burdigala increased and the captain ordered to abandon ship. Immediately the crew, under the supervision of the captain, the chief engineer and the second officer Mercier, launched the lifeboats in the water and abandoned the ship. 15 minutes after the "abandon ship" order was given, Burdigala, broke in two by a second explosion and sank off the northwest coast of Kea to a depth of 70 meters

If you would like to participate please send us an e-mail.

HMHS Britannic

The Britannic, largest and most famous shipwreck in the Mediterranean. Britannic was built on February 26, 1914 by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, the largest city in Northern Ireland.

Britannic was a brother ship of the Titanic, when it sank, Britannic were in the shipyard. The sinking of the Titanic was the reason for plans to change at the last minute and enough improvements to make the ship even safer.
It was discovered by Captain Jacques Cousteau in 1976.
Hellas Underwater explorers will start a Titanic Expedition at 2022. If you would like to participate please send us an e-mail.


Today, Hellas Underwater Explorers, with old and new members, continue dynamically their Exploratory, scientific, ecological, educational and Training work to broaden the "legacy" of a rich past.

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petroulias vasilis


Stelios Katsanevakis

Scuba Instructor & Trimix Diver

Nikos Kanarelis

Scuba Diver  & photographer

Padelis Fitilis

Decompression Diver (Cameraman)

Giannis Mikelis

Εκπαιδευτής Αυτοδυτών
& Trimix Diver

Kostas Tsiorvas

Decompression Diver

Christos Bletsos

Decompression Diver

Katerina Likiardopoulou

Secretarial support

George Roditis

Technical Diver

Prokopis giogiakas

Scuba Instructor - Technical Diver

Giannis Bolanis

Advance Nitrox Diver

Vitsas Vasilis

Scuba Instructor - Trimix Diver

Babis Papanikolaou

Scuba Instructor  & Trimix Diver
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