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Projects & explorations

1st Greek  Ice Diving expedition

Writer: George Petrou

Organized and conducted (with the support and cooperation of Mr. Lars Ljungqvist - Divex Regulators) by Hellas Underwater Explorers in February 1998, marked the beginning of a new era for technical scuba diving, maximizing our diving experience.

Projects & explorations

Agios Nikolaos Lagoon Canyon, Crete,  Expedition

22 - 30 September 2000

Lost deep down in time, the myths wanted the Agios Nikolaos Lagoon Canyon to be an Abyss, a bottomless lake knitted around countless stories. In 1945 it is said that the German fleeing in it all their light and heavy weapons so as not to fall into the hands of the Cretans!!!

Projects & explorations

123 Meters Dive

by Hellas Underwater Explorers - August  2002

After we finished the Trimix courses and since our team had the necessary experience and the support infrastructure, we decided to take a dive at 125 to 130 meters.

Projects & explorations

HUE Representation of  BRITANNIC FOUNDATION in Greece

byHellas Underwater Explorers / Instructor Trainer George Petrou

Hellas Underwater Explorers / Instructor Trainer George Petrou was appointed the Representation of the Britannic Foundation for Greece on June 7, 2007, accepting a proposal from Mr. Simon Mills (President) & Mr. Panos Bouras (Secretary) after unanimous decision of the board trustees.

Projects & explorations

Hiridoni Cenote Cave Exploration 2001

By Hellas Underwater Explorers
Kefalonia Island, Greece 23-30 September 2001

Hiridoni is a unique cave - cenote exploration challenge along with Agia Eleousa and Ag. Theodore cenotes.
In 2001 such a mission was an extreme situation that seemed very difficult.
Previous exploration there had been carried out by Vassilis Giannopoulos' team with Jean-Jacques Bolanz, Louigi Casati and Patrick Deriaz.

Projects & explorations

Agia Eleousa Cenote, Kefalonia, Greece Exploration 2009  

by Hellas Underwater Explorers
24 february – 3 March 2009

Having explored the cenotes / lakes /caves of Melisani, Karavomilos, Angalaki, Zervati and the incredible Hiridoni we decided to explore the scary cenote of Agia Eleousa.
Dark, inaccessible, scary, with its inferior inner world a challenge. We got all information needed from pioneer Mr. Vassilis Giannopoulos.

Projects & explorations

Aggalaki Cenote-cave Exploration expedition Kefalonia

24 February – 3 March 2009

One of the well-known cenotes – cave / underwater lake of the area in Sami is the cave of Aggalaki.
The diving team consisted of George Petrou, Nassos Zervopoulos, Kipraios Tasos and Gravanis Elias. We walked the magnificent inland cave, full of bats, stalactites, stalagmites and turquoise ponds. We dived into the lake with the stalactites of “ages” hanging above us. Spectacular, green, luminous atoll with easy accessibility.

Projects & explorations

Melisani cenote, Kefalonia, Greece,  Expedition

23-30 September 2001

Article: George Petrou
Photo: Vandoros Georgios (Photography), Vizentzatos Makis, Spengos Aris, Vassilopoulos CharilaosUnderwater Video: George Petrou and Kostas Serpanos
After completing the successful expedition to Ag. Nikolaos cenote in Crete, our team began to "discuss" what her next mission would be.So I ordered all parts of the group to submit proposals. The proposal fell like a dynamite from George Vandoros and was immediately approved.

Projects & explorations

Melisani Cenote
Exploration 2009

24 February – 3 March 2009

Undoubtedly the most famous lake cave of Kefalonia is Melissani with myths and legends lost for centuries.
A very spectacular terrestrial and underwater environment, the ultimate symbol of the area.
The HUEs came for another exploration with a small team this time consisting of Giorgos Petrou, Nassos Zervopoulos, Cypraios Tassos and Gravanis Elias.

Projects & explorations

Zervati Cenote, Kefalonia Exploration 2009

4 February – 3 March 2009

Zervati with its two cave - lake system friendly cenote with easy access.Ideal for training and adapting to similar terrestrial and underwater environment for cave diving.
A small turquoise vegetation paradise between the houses of the village.
The team consisted of:
George PetrouNassos ZervopoulosCypraios TassosGravanis Elias.  Delightful and relaxing diving where a small amount of gas is required without engaging in decompression times.

Projects & explorations

Karavomilos Kefalonia Exploration 2018

22- 24 June 2018

With Pantelis Fitilis we decided on a two-day excursion. We chose the Karavomilos Cave and the Submarine Perseus in Kefalonia.
Karavomilos: one of the easiest cave diving due to its easy access and the "cozy" interior of the cave which develops beneath the church and village houses.

Projects & explorations

HUE Vouliagmeni Cenote Exploration 2003

By Hellas Underwater Explorers

The Hellas Underwater Explorers exploration team once again dived into the cave of Vouliagmeni Attica. The team consisting of George Petrou (Head of Exploration), George Vandoros, Stavros Octapodas reached 80 meters deep using Open Circuit – Trimix (Bottom Gas) & EAN 32, 50, O2 (Deco Gas). For George and Stavros was their first dive in Vouliagmeni.

Projects & explorations

VOULIAGMENI Cenote Cave System Exploration 2007

Lake Vouliagmeni 4/3/2007.Attica Greece

George Petrou and the Hellas Underwater Explorers conducted another cave diving in Lake Vouliagmeni starting on Sunday 4/3/2007.The team consisting of George Petrou (diving leader), Panselina Grigoris and Argiriadis Argiri reached a depth of 70 meters with an open circuit using Trimix (bottom gas) & EAN (Deco gas).

Projects & explorations

The 1st Exploration of Vegoritida Lake, Northern Greece

HUE - February 1998

In another article we describe the diving excursion & exploration by a large group of Hellas Underwater Explorers / George Petrou  in February 1998 to Lake Vegoritis which was very successful.But before that happens, proper preparation is needed. Some time ago a small team of three passioned technical divers and Instructors, went as pioneers and scouted, researched and dived into the lake, gathering information on the wider area.

Projects & explorations

Exploring Malta Wrecks 1999-2001

by Hellas Underwater Explorers

Shipwrecks have always fascinated scuba divers. Malta is an island of shipwreck besides the Knights Island. Tankers, Submarines, Tugboats, Airplanes and everything else anyone can imagine is there.


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